Energy Usage and Waste Management Policy

CCEA is committed to protecting the environment in which it operates, preventing pollution from its activities and complying with environmental legislation. CCEA’s aim is to minimise waste in line with the European Waste Hierarchy Directive requirements thereby reducing waste going to landfill. This objective is driven through CCEA’s environmental improvement programme which includes strategies for reduction of paper consumption and maximising recycling. CCEA also aims to reduce its consumption of energy to limit the negative impact it has on the environment.

This shall be achieved through:

Energy Usage

  • Promoting energy saving measures;
  • Monitoring and measuring the consumption of energy; and
  • Identifying opportunities for energy saving.


  • Promoting waste minimisation, recycling and re-use;
  • Monitoring of waste practices;
  • Safe disposal of general waste through approved contractors;
  • Safe disposal of hazardous waste (e.g. fluorescent tubes and CRT monitors) through approved
  • contractors and pre-notification of disposal to Northern Ireland Environment Agency;
  • Recycling of paper, card, newspapers, plastic bottles and aluminium cans;
  • Recycling of print and toner cartridges and mobile phone handsets;
  • Safe disposal of obsolete electrical and electronic equipment through approved contractors; and
  • Reducing print waste through electronic delivery of products and services, robust monitoring systems and staff awareness raising.

The Business Assurance and Facilities Management teams will ensure the achievement of these objectives through pursuit of the effective implementation of an environmental management system.

Justin Edwards,
Chief Executive
Date: 26 March 2015

This policy is communicated to staff through the CCEA Intranet site and through induction. This policy is also communicated to stakeholders through the Internet site. CCEA staff working in the area of facilities management ensure that CCEA's outsourced facilities management partner and any subsequent contractors employed are made aware of the requirements of this policy.